Masonic Nights

Let Derbyshire Photographic photograph your next Masonic Event.  We specialise in Masonic Ladies Nights, Masonic Festival Dinners, 007 James Bond Theme Night  or just a  Fund Raising Event.   For our local masonic lodges we will always attend for FREE.    Where the event is some distance away we will negotiate a small fee to cover our travelling costs.   Because Masonic Lodges  do a wonderful job in raising money for  various charities, we will always donate a percentage of  sales, on the night, back to the Lodge for their particular charity.

When you book us we will arrange a meeting with you at the venue  to discuss how the night will run.   On the night we normally photograph your guests on arrival, either informally as they arrive  or invite them onto our dedicated paparazzi backdrop with our Spoof Press Photographer. [See video on Home Page]   This is always guaranteed to get a laugh and put a smile on your guests faces right from the start of the night.

While your guests sit down enjoying their meal, we will be busy printing the arrival photographs off and have them ready to be viewed when the meal is over.  To the side of the viewing table [where space allows], we will have  set-up our Mini Studio for the more formal photographs  of the night.  When I say formal we will always bring along our prop boxes, for those of your guests that want to be a bit different and like a bit of fun.

Photographs taken in the mini studio are  transmitted by wireless instantly to viewing screens, for your guests to view right away and to purchase if they like them.   Sales staff can produce these prints within 12 seconds, and are presented in stylish mounts,  for your guests to take home with them as a memento of the night.   A suggestion, you may want to consider for your Ladies Night gift,  a small 6 x 4/8×6  silver frame which we will produce a photo for to accompany the frame,  making it a perfect presentation gift for the night.   For bulk orders there will be  a price discount per print to the organiser.