Equestrian Events

Derbyshire Photographic can cover all kinds of equestrian events, from the large three day County Shows, the local pony club event, cross county events,  fun and charity rides or just a local horse show.   We always attend these events with our customised Event Vehicle which displays images on touch screens shortly after being taken.  You are able to view and select the images you like and have them printed within seconds.  The print quality is exellent, guaranteed better than those you purchase on the high street, and are presented in a stylish mount. 

Equestrian events require a team of skilled photographers and sales staff to produce stunning images.  Our photographers have the professional camera equipment to capture those one off split second shots, the average family camera can never capture, while our van staff are skilled in Photoshop and other software to crop and tweak your final image before printing, giving you a memory of the day to take away with you.