Fashion & Catalogue

Good fashion photography is more than a photograph, and when done successfully, it embodies the atmosphere of the moment and portrays a particular mood or statement that a client wishes to make.      Producing fashion or catalogue photography, is like creating a short film, needing co-ordination between photographer and a whole team of creative people within his production team.   These are the people who work behind the scenes and are assistants, stylist, hair and make-up up people, who use their particular skills, that help create the atmosphere and a dream, that evolves into any good fashion or catalogue  shoot.

We at Derbyshire Photographic have been creating fashion, beauty, lifestyle & advertising  photographs for over 12 years now, to a clientèle who demand creativity and striking images to set them apart.   We have our own compact studio, with its own make-up & hair/changing room.  This allows us to do small studio shoots, and produce low budget catalogues and fashion shoots, keeping costs to a minimum.

If you have a fashion project, catalogue or editorial to produce,  please feel free to contact at no obligation.