Charity Events & Balls

We are always keen to work with local Charities in helping to raise those much needed funds.  Depending on numbers attending and location, we will normally attend for free and offer a percentage of print sales on the night back to the charity.  As an extra we will give  prizes of free prints for the raffle, and after the event donate a CD to the organisers, with selected images taken on the night for the charity to use in their promotiona and websites work.

If the Charity is an all ticket event we suggest  taking advantage of our pre-sold prints, which can attract up to 30% discount on the prints sold on the night, where vouchers are provided to the guests to exchange for prints.  This can also work well for the charity if this discount price is added to the price of the ticket, which will allow each guest to take home a free complimentary photo of that special night.

All we ask from you as organisers is that we have the required space to operate, an allocated shooting window built into the nights entertainment to produce and sell images, which in return will provide more funds for your charity.  What better way for your guest to remenmber the night by, than to take home a beautiful photograph of themselves attending your event

Derbyshire Photographic cover all types of charity events whether it be indoor or outdoor events,such as fun runs or fancy dress.  If you have an event coming up please ring to see if we can help in your fund raising for your cause.