Corporate & Presentation Events

Derbyshire Photographic are Event Photographers for all Corporate Events.  If you require photography for your Annual Conference, a PR Event, an Award Ceremony or your Christmas Party, no matter what your event, we can deliver the photography you need, capturing that special night.

For Corporate Events we reconising that most companies  put a lot of effort into creating an event and like to work within a budget, which we are always happy to discuss.   As for cost, they are all individually priced  and are dependant on time spent at the event  and travel to locations.  We supply photographers by the hour, on a daily rate or just quote you for the entire commission.   Your needs will dictate what services are required, we will always work closely with the companies organiser prior to the event, in organiseing the type of photographic coverage you need.

We have a mini studio and print on-site facility if required, subject to space.  When printing on-site we are able to  place your company details or logo on the finished image, to promote your business.  Spoof Magazines Covers, designed around your business can also be made available on the night.  If you do not require on-site printing,  all images taken on the day can be placed on our website for viewing after the event.




As commercial photographers, we also offer on-site executive business portraits, Product Photography and Aeriel Photography please see ‘Other Services’