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My attempt at Hollywood Lighting

As some will know, I have recently had a knee operation, which grounded me for a couple of months, and unable to drive.  This gave me time to carry out some of my own personal projects, this being Hollywood Lighting

The first photo is a result of photographing it  the old fashion way, with tungsten lighting  and an old hassleblad camera with a manual focus lenses.  It took forever to get it right due to the long exposures needed, but in the end, gave that 30′s look  with large parts  of the photo out of focus I was after.    For my  second attempt I used a modern camera with auto focus lens and studio flash, which produced  photos two and three, more of a 40s/50s look.     Both have their own unique qualities given the right situation, and my thanks to the two models, Zoe & Lauren for their help in producing these photos.