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CMV Action UK – A party at Derby

I was recently asked to help with a charity for Cyomegalovirus [or CMV]  in Derby. Like me you may have never ever heard of this complaint, it but it appears it’s a common virus that  can infect all ages.   Most healthy adults and children, will have no sign or symptoms or long term effects,  however it does affect 1 in every 1000 unborn children who end up with permanent disabilities as a result of CMV, causing great distress for their families.

The party, at Derby was a get together of families from all over the country to meet  up and get to know the organizers and each other.   [Further information can be found on their website at]  It’s a serious subject and I just hope this post helps their cause.

The event was well attended  by the families, the star attraction for the children being ‘Fuzzi the Fairy’    The kids were great as were the organisers.   Here are a few photos of the day.   All the other images for the families attending can be found on our website at /buyon-line